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Learn Nihongo with us!!


Now we are planning to hold online classes from July. You can study from home or office. Please feel free to ask for details by email. Email: 48nihongo@shingeneki.com *************** Having a chit chat with us could change your life in Tokyo! 1. Want to challenge JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test )? -- Got it. 2. Want to talk about fun spots or hidden gems in Tokyo? - - Got it. 3. Want to know Japanese perspectives or culture? - - Got it. You can count on us for only ¥500. Don't miss out on this oppotunity while your stay! ※For more information and application, visit the following web site ; Shiba Nihongo Chat Club OR Tokyo Nihongo Volunteer Network ※You can email here too. 48nihongo@shingeneki.com